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David Wichman is an author, speaker, sexual healer, and entrepreneur who is respected and well-known all over the world to those who seek to live free of stigma, shame, and fear around sex, love, and intimacy.

Raised in Fremont, California, David survived a childhood marked by severe neglect and abuse, which led him into years of homelessness, alcoholism, and drug addiction. After decades of struggle and rehabilitation failures, he finally obtained freedom from his addiction in 2005. He remains an active member of New Thought and recovery movements to this day.

In 2006, David found a calling in sex work. While working with seniors, the disabled, and those with severe intimacy issues, he discovered the profound transformational power that sex work creates for both client and provider. In 2009, he founded his travel-companion company, the Male Adventure, through which he has accompanied clients on life-changing adventures to all seven continents. He is an activist, vocal ally, and grateful member of the LGBTQI2 community.

David lives with his partners and their dogs in the Coachella Valley area of California. In 2016, David co-founded Heal-VR, a software development company that merges ancient spiritual principles and meditation techniques with modern virtual reality technology.



  • “Every Grain of Sand is a brave and compelling memoir of recovery from the almost unimaginable abuse David Wichman experienced as a child and later inflicted on himself with alcoholism and drug addiction. It is not, however, a sad tale of victimization. Instead, David’s essentially hopeful and resilient nature illuminates his story. His journey is ultimately a spiritual one told with honesty and conviction. He is also to be commended for writing frankly, positively, and unapologetically about his career as a sex worker and male companion. I’ve been telling him for years to write his story, and I’m glad he finally got around to it.” —Michael Nava, Lambda Literary Award winner of the Henry Rios novels

  • “David Wichman’s memoir grabbed me and wouldn’t let me go. It blew my mind! Not only because of the events David survived as a child and his subsequent struggle to be free of the demons of his past, but that he writes with such clarity and honesty. His transformation is beyond miraculous. In the end, the book goes from memoir to self-help as we witness David’s transformation from victim to guru, but without an ounce of self-importance. Only love, gratitude and forgiveness.” —Nelsie Spencer, novelist and screenwriter

  • “Miracle. It’s a too-often used word used in recovery circles. David’s memoir, however, walks us through a life that can’t be described in any other term. David shares the crucible of his life and walks readers through the alchemy of his transformation from base metal to gold. His life and his journey are nothing short of a miracle. My life is made better for having born witness to his. Thank you.” —Ralph Bruneau, Ph.D., psychotherapist, trauma and addiction specialist, International Mister Leather 2017

  •  “This harrowing account of abuse and self-realization isn’t another memoir played strictly for tragedy. It takes aim at your heart and then digs somewhere deeper, rustling our very souls. Wichman isn’t simply interested in what it means to survive. He wants us to understand what it means to forgive. Along the way, he challenges everything you may believe about sex work, lifting it beyond the physical into something far more spiritual. You may never think of escorts the same way again.” —Mark S. King, award-winning writer, activist, five-time GLAAD Media Award nominee for My Fabulous Disease

  • “Every Grain of Sand is a heartbreaking memoir that I could not put down, a story of pain, of the search for one’s place in the world, and of the transformative power of forgiveness. David Wichman has lived a thousand lives—some agonizing, some sublime—and we’re lucky he survived them all with his talent and compassion intact.” —Dave Holmes, writer, producer, and television personality; editor-at-large, Esquire; author of Party of One: A Memoir in 21 Songs

  • “David Wichman’s memoir is a provocative and heartfelt account of his journey to overcome personal struggles and demons to embrace his true nature as an educator and healer. Coming out of a challenging early life, his story aims to empower others in their efforts to conquer fear and shame so they can create a powerful and successful future. Although the journey is often painful and frustrating, Wichman reminds us that the process of self-acceptance and developing our life path is possible and that none of us are truly alone when we stop hurting ourselves and remain open to the opportunities around us.” —Brent Heinze, LPC, author of Redefining Normal: A Modern Gay Man’s Guide to Happy and Healthy Living


Heather Ebert is a professional writer based near Nashville, Tennessee. She has more than fifteen years’ experience in print and digital publishing and has written for a variety of publications.

Heather specializes in memoir, fiction, and narrative nonfiction, helping nonwriters tell their stories with power and beauty. She has written eight other books to date. One of her recently published books is Sole Survivor: The inspiring true story of coming face-to-face with the infamous Railroad Killer by Holly K. Dunn with Heather Ebert (Diversion Books, 2017). Learn more at

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