every grain of sand

David P. Wichman

Sexual healer and entrepreneur David P. Wichman has lived through it all: childhood abuse, foster care, homelessness, survival sex work, and the blackest pits of drug and alcohol addiction. Despite the darkness, he found a profound sense of purpose as a male escort, but not the type of provider often seen in the news. His approach to sex work transcended common shame-based belief systems as he brought compassionate intimacy to marginalized men, including the elderly, disabled, and traumatized, illustrating a universal need for true connection.

After white-collar crime landed him in jail, David resolved to finally conquer the sense of brokenness that had been driving him to self-destruction throughout his life. In his moving memoir, he recounts how his recovery and spiritual journey have revealed to him his inherent wholeness and worth, a message of love and belonging that he now carries to others. Every Grain of Sand is a celebration of restoration to a life of joy, gratitude, and wonder.


David Wichman is an author, speaker, sexual healer, and entrepreneur who is respected and well-known all over the world to those who seek to live free of stigma, shame, and fear around sex, love, and intimacy.

Raised in Fremont, California, David survived a childhood marked by severe neglect and abuse, which led him into years of homelessness, alcoholism, and drug addiction. After decades of struggle and rehabilitation failures, he finally obtained freedom from his addiction in 2005. He remains an active member of New Thought and recovery movements to this day.

In 2006, David found a calling in sex work. While working with seniors, the disabled, and those with severe intimacy issues, he discovered the profound transformational power that sex work creates for both client and provider. In 2009, he founded his travel-companion company, the Male Adventure, through which he has accompanied clients on life-changing adventures to all seven continents. He is an activist, vocal ally, and grateful member of the LGBTQI2 community.

David lives with his partners and their dogs in the Coachella Valley area of California. In 2016, David co-founded Heal-VR, a software development company that merges ancient spiritual principles and meditation techniques with modern virtual reality technology.

  • “David Wichman is a true original, a unique spirit. He combines openheartedness with erotic wisdom and a tender appreciation of the wounded, of the lonely, of all that’s human in the most and least approachable of us. I will always be interested in what he has to report from that frontier where sex and spirit and loving-kindness merge.”

    —Patrick Mulcahey, television writer, The Bold and the Beautiful

  • “David Wichman truly understands the transformational cycle of trauma and recovery. His unique words of wisdom and heart-centered perspective are a force for good among everyone who encounters him. He has earned the love, respect, and admiration of so many other people who have struggled through the ups and downs of life. I wholeheartedly believe that Every Grain of Sand will have a memorable, wide-reaching impact.”

    —Sarah Prout, best-selling author, motivational speaker, founder of Manifesting Academy

  • “David Wichman’s powerfully positive spirit permeates every room he enters. Having known him now for more than ten years, I can say Every Grain of Sand is a perfect title for his journey. Though unique, his words lend a healing perspective to all. I adore him as a person. I respect him as a being who found peaceful strength through his trials in life. Like a phoenix, he is an inspiration, and I’m so proud to call him my friend. Savor his words of wisdom with love in your heart.”

    —Debby Holiday, No. 1 Billboard dance recording artist and daughter of Jimmy Holiday

  • “In knowing David Wichman, I’ve seen how his words, wisdom, and personality have been a force for good among everyone who encounters him. He has earned the love and respect of so many people who have struggled through trauma and recovery, and I’m confident that Every Grain of Sand will have a wide-reaching impact.”

    —Jason Goldberg, transformational speaker and internationally best-selling author of Prison Break: Vanquish the Victim, Own Your Obstacles, and Lead Your Life

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Heather Ebert is a professional writer based near Nashville, Tennessee. She has more than fifteen years’ experience in print and digital publishing and has written for a variety of publications. Heather

Heather Ebert

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